Our Menus


Flexible Menu Options

We have a wide range of menus to suit any occasion, any venue, anytime, anywhere – well almost anywhere! We can cater to any occasion – from a trade breakfast to a roof shout, a wedding to a 21st, corporate event to a community fundraiser, family reunion spit roast to a beach BBQ. You name it, we’ve catered to it!

Any venue from a beach, to an island, to a boat, to a park, to a house, to a farm, to an empty paddock, to an office on the 17th floor to a community hall, to a bowling club, to a sports club – you name it – we’ve done it! From 5:00 am to 11:00 pm – you name it – we’ve likely been there at that time!

We cater to every suburb in Auckland – from the CBD to Waiheke, and from Matapouri Bay to Rotorua – you name it – we’ve been there!
And if we haven’t done it or been there, we’re happy to talk to you about doing it!

You can select any menu you like for your occasion –Spit Roast or BBQ, Serviced or Delivered. Don’t let the names fool you! If you want Delivery Hot Meat n Rolls for your wedding or our Wedding Classic menu for your engagement party – we’ll all for it. You can pick whichever menu suits your event, your venue, your theme, your budget. And if we don’t have a budget that suits you it is worth having a chat with us – we love a challenge!