Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your pricing work?

    Our price per head is as quoted on each menu (all our prices include GST) and while we review our prices on 1 October each year we never pass on any increases for orders confirmed before that date. That price is all inclusive and we have no hidden extras so simply multiply the number of guests by the quoted price and that is your total cost.

    The only possible extras (and they are all optional) are if:
    1. You require bar staff (which can be provided upon request).
    2. We have to travel out of Auckland in which case there is a travel charge.
    3. You ask us to provide an Ezi-up gazebo for shelter for the cooking area or for the buffet tables etc.
    4. You ask us to provide a special meal for a vegetarian guest.
    5. You require us to cater on a Statutory Holiday in which case a 15% surcharge is applied.
    6. You ask for some special service or menu from us.

    You will never have an additional charge that you do not know about and agree to beforehand.

  • What deposit is required & when do I need to pay it?

    Upon confirmation of your booking, we will advise the amount of your deposit based on the estimated final invoice. As soon as we receive your deposit we will lock that price in against your menu selection (we never pass on any price reviews once an order is confirmed).

  • When is the balance due?

    The balance of the final Invoice is due 1 week prior to the event.

  • How can I make payment?

    Our preferred method of payment is by direct credit but if this does not suit you then payment by cheque or credit card is acceptable.

    – Direct Credit (Internet) payments: ANZ Bank Wairau Park Acc.# 060 197 0214335 00
    – Cheque (Payable to): Catering Catering Limited
    – Credit Card: Please phone or scan and email us your details. Sorry but no Diners or Amex.

  • Is there any special pricing for children?

    Under 12 – Are charged at half price (we assume they’ll eat half the amount of the adults). N.b: If you happen to have a disproportionate number of children please discuss with us. We charge half price and cater accordingly so if you think you may need more (i.e. you’re catering for 5 teams of 11 year old wrestlers!) feel free to discuss with us.

    Under 5 – No Charge (we assume they’ll probably dine off their parents’ plate).

    Please note that the minimum numbers attached to our menus are relative to the adult count or equivalent- e.g. 2 x Under 12 = 1 x Adult.

  • Can you supply bar ‘service staff’ as well?

    Yes, we can- please consult with us about this.

  • Can you supply linen for guests’ tables also?

    Sorry but afraid not – however we do know a couple of very good suppliers so feel free to chat to us about this.

  • What if we don’t have any cover for your on-site kitchen or the Buffet?

    If required we can supply a 3mx3m E-Z Up gazebo as a prep kitchen or for the Buffet. We also have a 6m x 3m available. Ask us for the cost if you need us to supply cover.

  • What if we can’t supply power for you?

    We can arrange a generator at your expense. We only have to run a small rotisserie motor on the spit and possibly a couple of lights so a large generator is not required. If we can use onsite power it would avoid any extra costs and definitely be better for the ambience of your event.

  • Is it ok if we are not ready to dine at the agreed time?

    If you are running late we can usually delay the service time BUT 1) Your meal will be at its’ best at the agreed time. While we can keep the meats etc hot they will continue to cook and may be overcooked if the delay is too long and 2) If the delay is more than 15 -20 minutes we reserve the right to recoup the additional staffing costs with a charge of $35.00 per hour (or part thereof) per staff member.

  • What is the difference between ‘serviced menus’ and ‘delivery menus’?

    The Serviced Menu’ options are all fully serviced and include everything involved in your dining on the night (buffet/carvery tables, crockery, cutlery etc.) – except for the dining tables, chairs and glassware.

    The ‘Delivery’ options arrive hot, carved and ready to eat, supplied with; condiments, salt and pepper, serviettes, tongs, tablecloth, high quality plastic plates & cutlery (except for the Hot Meat n Rolls menu which do not need plates), and rubbish bag(s). We lay out the buffet upon arrival and leave you to dine at your leisure.

  • Serviced Menu – What are your requirements on-site?

    Ideally we will have venue access to power, water, cover (for the Buffet & also the prep/cooking area), and lighting (if required). We haven’t been beaten by a locale yet though- so as long as we are aware of any issues, we can operate semi or completely autonomously.

  • Serviced Menu – What are our responsibilities regarding the Buffet?

    Nothing, just save room for the meal and liaise with our crew regarding timing etc. We supply everything required for your dining on the night (except for dining tables, chairs and glasses).
    This includes: china plates, stainless steel cutlery, serviettes, carvery and buffet tables (dressed), all cooking facilities (as req’d), staff, and rubbish bins. Our staff will set everything up, service the event, tidy up, and take everything as they leave (including the rubbish).

  • Serviced Menu – Will you need to use the Venue’s kitchen?

    Not necessarily. If we did use the kitchen, it would only be for prep-work, and we pride ourselves with leaving venues cleaner & tidier than when we arrive. We take all our rubbish with us as we leave.

  • Serviced Menu – How early do you need access to ‘set up’?

    With regards to arrival times, there are a couple of options depending on the menu, venue and /or your preferences on the day. We would either arrive:

    -approx. 3 to 4.5 hours prior to serving -for Weddings/ Buffet 5/ Finger Food prep/service etc. This depends to a large degree on your timetable.

    -or we’ll be there approx 1-1&1/2 hours prior- having done a full pre-cook back at our base.
    Whichever approach, the meats would still be carved in front of your guests as they move past the buffet.

  • Serviced Menu – What time do you leave the venue?

    Approximately 1 to 2 hours after last service.

  • Serviced Menu – What is the process for serving?

    Your guests will collect their plate from the carvery and help themselves to a selection of meats which we carve as required. They will then go to the Buffet and serve themselves from the range of salads, vegetables, hot gravy, sauces and rolls. Remember we supply all the serving equipment needed.

  • Serviced Menu – Is it okay for us to pick up the cutlery & crockery before the day of our event?

    Usually no problem, just let us know and we will have it ready for you. During really busy periods we may not be able to oblige you but ask us when you order and we will do our best to make it happen.

  • Serviced Menu – Do you leave the leftovers?

    We take great pride in our reputation for generous servings. To maintain this we over cater at our own expense and as long as all the guests have dined (usually a fair few will have had seconds – or thirds too) we entrust the handling/disposal of any surplus stock to the discretion of our on-site Manager. You are welcome to the leftovers and our only concern is that the food be handled and stored safely. It’s a great idea to bring along containers (Tupperware is ideal). Please consult with us for further clarification regarding this.

  • Delivery Menus – When do you drop off the food?

    We arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to dining. We lay out the buffet upon arrival and leave you to dine at your leisure.

  • Delivery Menus – What do you require us to organize prior to your arrival?

    Just a table (or two) ready for us to cover and start setting straight away- and easy access to it.

  • WHAT do I have to do now?

    All you have to do now is complete the booking schedule in our latest email and send it back to us. Don’t worry if you don’t know how many guests you are going to have, which meats you would like or if you don’t know the finer details such as your salad selections etc (or even which menu you would like). Completion of the schedule with best estimates will allow us to process your booking and reserve a time slot on the day for you. All the other details can wait until a week before the event.

  • Then what?

    Once you’ve completed the schedule send it back to us and we’ll send you a confirmation of your order. We will calculate the amount of your deposit and your payment of that is your confirmation of the order. Then you can relax until a week before the event – but you are welcome to email or ring us if any questions arise in the meantime.

  • What do I have to do the week before the event?

    You’ll have a 1001 things to do but so far as the catering goes you will need to:

    1. Make sure you are contactable when we give you a call to finalise details – if you are likely not to be available then please give us a call any time prior to the final week and we can finalise details early.
    2. You will need to advise us
      • Final guest numbers (and details of any children)
      • What time you would like to dine
      • Any details you have planned re timing of events on the day e.g. what time guests will be on site; when any speeches will be given etc
      • Meat Selection
      • Salad Selection (if req’d)
        Veg. selection (if req’d)
        Dessert Selection (if req’d)
        Finger Food Selection (if req’d)

    N.B: If we haven’t received all of your selections by 5 working-days prior to your event we will assume you’re leaving those decisions in our ‘more than capable’ hands, and will go forward with an informed decision on your behalf.

    We’ll also need the name and mobile number of a “Go To” person on the day regarding placement, set up etc. We’ll also need details of the venue access / parking, and also power availability, water, cover(for Buffet) and cover(for prep & spit/cook).

    Our staff will talk things through with you so you don’t need to stress about it – but a little prep work is always a good idea.

  • And then?

    Based on what you’ve told us we’ll send you a final invoice based on your final guest numbers and we’ll let you know what the balance due is and the last thing you have to do is pay us! (You can relax – you’ll never get any surprises or unexpected “extra” in your final account.)

  • And lastly

    Get a good sleep the night before, have a light breakfast, pack your sunscreen, relax and